Benchmade 482 Megumi

I have recently come into acquiring this knife for myself. The condition of it was lightly and with slight blade play that had the blade favoring the left liner. When buying this knife I was aware of its small stature but underestimated how small this 2.48 in blade would actually be. After further inspection, one of the carbon fiber scales of the knife was loose but was an easy fix seeing as all it took was 3 seconds to tighten up a screw. Although this knife runs on phosphor bronze washers, I think that with the very light use of the knife leaves the action with quite a bit stiffness that is starting loosen up after about a week’s worth of casual use. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Blade Length- At 2.48 inches this blade should be legal just about everywhere a knife is allowed.

Handle Material- With the carbon fiber and Cocobolo wood this knife just looks amazing. The material just adds to the elegance of the knife that makes it a great gentleman’s blade.

Steel- The steel that is used for this knife at the time of this post is S30v. The steel is a well-rounded material that holds up well under use and can take a pretty good edge.

Liners- Generally people do not like the idea of a knife with full liners seeing it as an opportunity to shed a little weight; but I personally think that this knife feels too light in the hand and that keeping the full liners help keep some the weight lost in the use of carbon fiber.


Overall Size- Although I like how small the knife is it does pose an issue with since with summer coming up and shorts coming out I do have some concerns that the knife might fall out of my pocket.

Weight- In the same manner that I am afraid of losing this knife at 1.85 oz this little thing barely weighs a thing and is hardly noticeable in the pocket.

Carrying Options- With this knife designed to be a classy gentleman’s knife I can understand the lack of a pocket clip but I am having some issues when it comes to a method of carrying it. There is a lanyard hole near the end of the handle but I personally don’t like the idea of attaching one to any of my knives.


I think that this is a great knife that although might be a little small for me can still be a good choice for an event such as a formal dinner or something where the your audience might not be as comfortable with knives as you are. The blade shape and simple yet classy materials used in designing the knife as a whole creates a less threatening profile that while being a useful tool can also be a worthy talking point/showpiece. This is definitely a knife for those in the business world that where suits everyday but are ready to their hands dirty every now and then.


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